A part of the human experience

Yesterday, I wrote an email inquiring about postdoc on social justice in STEM. The position seemed awesome, but I did not hear about it till about a month after an application deadline. I asked if open, and briefly stated my research and past experience. The recipient wrote back that technically it was open; however, they were on the last in-person interview and based on the quality of the applicants it will be filled soon.

My heart sunk, and the thought of these highly qualified candidates out there made me feel inferior.  I hate this human tendency to compare, and this desire to better than or feel less than.

I want to rejoice with all the amazing people out there who are working towards these topics that I am so passionate about!  I want there to be so many people, and tons of positions, that promote social justice in STEM.  That is how the culture of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is going to change to be a more inclusive space.



My Vow to Non-conformity

Iimage vow to align with that of God within me to the best of my ability. I will listen and remain open to the thoughts and views of others, especially loved ones, while deciding my decisions in life; however, the choices I make will be mine, which I intend to choose to be authentic to my Spirit, values, and way of viewing the world.